Why design and build is the way to go. by Richelle Ramirez

Some people are unsure as to what Design and Build service can do for their home.  Some homeowners go the path of hiring an Architect and then get bids from contractors to build the plans.  Then construction starts and then they realize all the holes in the design that have to be filled in.  Doing this during construction takes extra time and creates an unpredictable budget.  Living in the middle of a demolished kitchen and trying to make decisions is rough!  Then some others figure they will hire a plumber, a cabinet guy, and pick some tile out and manage it themselves.  This is like taking a correspondence course in construction management.  While home improvement can be done these ways, having a visionary, experienced, team on your side means that the process can be smooth and predictable.  That is Design and Build.  A clear, focused vision that gets executed with the experience needed to see every detail through to the end.


Elements and Trends in the months to come… 2017 Home Trend Forecast by Richelle Ramirez

Are you ready for 2017? Refresh your home and stay on trend with some of these basic home styling tips! Our Interior Design Team is ready & on top of 2017’s trend forecast! Here are a few bullet points you might want to take into consideration if you are gearing up to freshen up your living space!

Mixed Metals- Combining brass and gold, and also a pop of satin nickel or chrome. Satin Nickel is also making a comeback, be ready to see this finish used a lot more often!

Vintage made to look modern- Find your old Mid Century Modern piece and freshen it up with a modern print or add a tufted button back to an upholstered chair! A nice art deco piece with a smooth champagne fabric or white wool is the perfect combo!

Stain and fool proof your textiles- Now days, it is almost standard or on a checklist to use stain and water resistant fabrics when redoing a sofa, chair and even when making your own custom pillows! Longevity is everything and preparation is a must nowadays! Making something elegant, yet livable and kid proof.

Combining Natural Textures- Wire, woodgrain, jute, rattan and abaca combos are now trending. Mix your favorite natural fiber and combine a nice balance of contrast. Organic and recycled pieces are a must in todays modern trend home design. Mix your natural textures with deep, pastel earth tones and watch your space naturally become “On Trend”.

Earth Tones are TRENDING.... by Richelle Ramirez

We are noticing this Fall 2017, the home colors that are trending in terms of paint colors, materials and landscape are very earth toned.... burgundy, rust, terracotta, pale pink and raisin shades. Organic and warm tones seem to be what everyone is looking for now days.

A great contrast to bring in some excitement- black is a great component to offer a stronger, more dramatic and sophisticated look. Earth tones are definitely the "look" for fall and winter 2017.

I visited Maison de Luxe Designer show house at the Doheny Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills by Robert Lyons

The Maison de Luxe Designer show house at the Doheny Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills was really great.  The original Mansion details are exquisite with thick slate roofing and detailed chimneys. I was really impressed with the details in the gutters which appeared to be solid lead. Built in the 20's the home makes a great canvas for interior design.