Why design and build is the way to go. / by Richelle Ramirez

Some people are unsure as to what Design and Build service can do for their home.  Some homeowners go the path of hiring an Architect and then get bids from contractors to build the plans.  Then construction starts and then they realize all the holes in the design that have to be filled in.  Doing this during construction takes extra time and creates an unpredictable budget.  Living in the middle of a demolished kitchen and trying to make decisions is rough!  Then some others figure they will hire a plumber, a cabinet guy, and pick some tile out and manage it themselves.  This is like taking a correspondence course in construction management.  While home improvement can be done these ways, having a visionary, experienced, team on your side means that the process can be smooth and predictable.  That is Design and Build.  A clear, focused vision that gets executed with the experience needed to see every detail through to the end.