We are also Construction Project Managers! by Richelle Ramirez

  • Definition:
  • Construction Project Management- the expertise to understand people and building.  The wisdom to know the difference.  The excellent project manager understands the many types of people and that the creative types, whether it is with a pencil or a saw all need to be appropriately managed.  With a passion for beautiful spaces and a passion for people, project managers are the glue that binds, the buffing wheel that polishes, and the silicone that lubricates.

A new project for Lyons Design and Build! by Richelle Ramirez

PASADENA: The client is requesting a San Felipe Beach House theme in their guest house! We are excited about making this look just like a San Felipe Beach House.....material selection for this project, reclaimed woods, light & organic colors with a blend of Sea Foams as accent pops.....  this should be fun and we cant wait to show you the final product! To be continued!

Great New Vendor! by Richelle Ramirez

Spent some time at a great new vendor today.  What a great atmosphere and culture.  I think the new Lyons Design and Build will fit nicely with their culture. They sell appliances and fittings and fixtures, but you get to try them out before you buy.  Cooking classes and working showers and baths!  A new great relationship has begun! - Feeling excited!