1. A basic foundation in Christian principles of living.

  2. Sound priorities in managing time and commitments to church, family, friends and work.

  3. Recognition of the value to be derived from a diversity of interests.

  4. Continual support of worthy community activities.

  5. Genuine commitment to delivery of high quality services to clients. (Strive to give more than expected.)

  6. Healthy work orientation based on enjoying one’s work. (Opportunity to see and help associates grow and learn.)

  7. High level of trust among associates based on real interest in mutual growth and success.

  8. Empathy in dealing with people in general.

  9. Encouragement of openness in disclosing personal interests and needs.

  10. A strong goal orientation, but not to the point of obsession.

  11. Personal flexibility and stability providing the ability to accept reality, be it pleasant or painful.

  12. Just rewards based on risks taken and contribution to the common good. (I.E.- not an egalitarian spreading of compensation.)

  13. Sound economic judgment. (To forever select the cheapest route destines an organization to mediocrity, but to manage wisely, knowing how and when to invest in quality will lead to excellence.)

  14. Personal enjoyment in the work setting derived from humor, recreational activity and sharing of one another’s successes.

  15. A level of compensation that enables me to provide comfortably for my family, but not in a self-indulgent manner.


-By F.H.T.